cubic metres of residual forest timber is sourced annually from the region.
households from Klagenfurt are supplied with green heat.
CO2 reduction in Klagenfurt through electricity and heat from biomass.
households from Klagenfurt are supplied with green electricity.

Biomass heat and electricity

Our three biomass cogeneration plants supply the city of Klagenfurt with green heat and green electricity and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Highly efficient

The use of biomass in heat-controlled cogeneration plants is the most efficient form of thermal power generation.


Biomass uses forest by-products and is considered a sustainable energy source. Biomass cogeneration plants replace coal and nuclear power.

Commercially viable

The energetic use of biomass is an essential source of income for many farms, which promotes the local economy.


Biomass provides clean energy from our region and is 100% CO2 neutral. Biomass is considered a clever and sustainable energy source.