The cogeneration plants

The biomass cogeneration plants are impressively modern and feature the latest technology. They use the highest possible standard of current plant technology, setting new standards for energy production from biomass. Klagenfurt and Liebenfels are supplied with 100 percent green heat from the biomass cogeneration plants.

Levels of efficiency exceeding 90% are achieved due to the combined heat and power technology, heat recovery by means of flue gas condensation and the two heat absorption pumps.

Achievements of the 3 locations:

Green heat: 94 MW Output

with 5 steam boiler plants and 2 heat pumps
450,000 MWh heat per year for 27,500 households

Green electricity: 20 MW Output

with 3 steam turbines
140,000 MWh electricity per year for 40,000 households



HKW Nord

Over 80%

of the district heating requirement for the state capital Klagenfurt are generated of our three biomass heating plants.